About India Cigar Club

The India Cigar Club was founded in August 2014 by Mother Son duo, Shweta  & Rahul Kapoor, with an aim to bring together wonderful people who have a similar passion – smoking the finest cigars in the world.

The Club along with its sister clubs (India Watch Club and the league  of India Luxury Clubs) act as an educational & meeting point for cigar lovers, where good friends meet and new opportunities are born – all this together with excellent cigars and interesting people. The India Cigar Club intends to bring together people all over from India.

The mission of the India Cigar Club is to unite people who appreciate cigar culture and share the passion and values the Cigar Community is worldwide renowned for.

The Club’s Vision

Our vision is to become the main spot in the Asian countries uniting people who are interested in cigar culture and want to discover new experience of smoking cigars. 

We want to promote the cigar culture in the country, sharing the valuable history and introducing new trends from the cigar world. 

The Club has started with several events, like organizing the Oberoi Gurgaon Cigar Meets, Ladies Cigar Nights and more recently relaunching The India Cigar Festival conceptualized in 2015

The Event

Over the years India has matured as one of the most curious and fastest growing Cigar Markets, with so much potential, The India Cigar Club was formed in 2012, but something was missing, so in 2015 October, The India Cigar Festival, as of 2019 known as The Independents Of Time,  was born, with no real structure except the one sole objective to celebrate in India, the finest cigars from around the world

There is no other greater opportunity to saviour the perfect cigar than with some amazing people.

The Independents of Time welcomes guests from around the country from the worlds of artisanship, collecting, culture, fine dining, film, fashion, sport all with the sole purpose to come together to enjoy a shared passion