Founded in 2012 as a 360° Business & Design Consultancy.

In 2019, Only Luxury Consultancy has been merged with Luxury Ampersand Frolics, together a stronger and more formidable Consultancy and a fresh take on Consultancy, Media, Publishing and Strategic Advisory, for Industrialised and Independent Luxury Brands.


Consisting of eight partners, whom are complemented by our exclusive international network of strategic alliances. We have multi talented panel which covers some of the most critical luxury market sub sectors; from Haute Horlogerie to Yacht Design

Through our consistent track record of success and vast network of relationships in the luxury sector, we focus on Brand Birth, Strategy, Business Development, Strategic Alliances and Market Penetration.

We specialise in direct introductions, global placement, events and partnership marketing with luxury brands at senior director level for mutual business and client development.
What we understand

Our extensive knowledge as initially the Client allowed us to understand key though We understand

  • the debate Investments vs. Equity – Our sensitivity allows us to guide and where required, create brand equity within target market.
  • The challenge of driving meaningful consumer engagement and interaction, with an ROI in Mind between brands and consumers by creating bespoke, value-for-money communication platforms across all media channels
  • how creative thoughts and campaigns receive different responses based on local city and country cultural and sociological differences.
  • PR strategies cannot be based on just on companies and their tangible portfolios
  • sometimes you do not need a delivery, you just need some advice, and a fresh pair of brain cells and eyes.
  • The importance of delivering without compromise


Brand Development

With a strong experience in haute luxury brand development, thanks to our existing brand partnerships we are able to assist you at any level of requirements you may have when it come to developing a efficient and cost-effective plan to launch or increase your brand awareness while easily being able to track appreciation of your brand equity.

We offer guidance and project management through:

  • Global placements
  • Alliance partnerships
  • Brand services
  • Product placement
  • Multi-product co-positioning
  • Franchise positioning
  • Identity creation
  • Brand Positioning

Territory Management

India has been seen as a challenging market to enter, with an unquestionable need of choosing the right partner and creating the most effective budget plans for the local territory. LAF Consultancy currently works with new and heritage brands, to manage and monitor the performance.

Your Creative Team

Your creative team are hand picked by the partners to ensure optimum results with unlimited creativity. The ‘YCT’ can take on all your creative work, whether you require adhoc services or an integrated communications team without the added cost of management.

Some of the Creative Services offered:

  • Brochures and Full Collateral Support
  • On and Off-line Branding and Advertising
  • Website Design, Development and Optimisation
  • On-line Marketing and Print
  • Packaging Design and Creation
  • Event Conceptualisation & Design
  • Events and Experiential Activity Management
  • Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality Tools and Support
  • CAD/3D Rendering
  • Venue Design