Back in late 2016, perhaps early 2017 I picked up exclusive Switzerland release by Juan Lopez, they came in a box of ten. Tried one the same evening and it was a pleasant smoke 2 more boxes the next day. Recently while cleaning out my humidor in Delhi, I found one these Eminentes in the back of the humidor, beaten by the draws unfortunately. Though the humidity was 71% and the cigar to touch was in great shape.

Needless to say I am reviewing the cigar, the physical appearance is no testament to the matured condition, in my opinion. 

The Juan Lopez brand has origins that go back to 19th century Cuba. The brand was created in 1876 by Juan Lopez Serra (known as Juan Lopez Diaz). The brand was eventually passed to his heirs and then sold to Sociedad Cosme Del Peso y Cía in 1918. When the Cuban Revolution occurred and Cuba’s cigar business was nationalized, the brand was taken over by the Cuban government. It would eventually become a part of the Habanos SA portfolio.
Before The Smoke

The wrapper to the Juan Lopez Eminentes Edición Regional Suiza 2016 has a medium brown color with, with a light fading tint to it. There are not many veins, the few present are strongly visible. 

There are two bands to the Juan Lopez Eminentes Edición Regional Suiza. The primary band has a red background with gold trim, gold adornments, and text in white font. In the center of the band is a gold crown. Above the crown is the text “JUAN LOPEZ” and below the crown is the text “HABANA”. Across the center of the band is the text “SUPERBA SELECCION”. (the one difference from the Selection Supremo Reino Unido band) The left and right sides of the band have the text “CUBA” and “HABANA” respectively.

The secondary band is similar to ones found on other Edición Regional cigars. It is red with white and silver trim with the text “EXCLUSIVO SUIZA” in white font.




1st Third

The Cigar begins with a toasty sugar and roasting wood smoke notes, with elements of  leather coming through. 

As the 1st Third comes to a end, there is a spice with some peaty undernotes, these are familiar from my first smoke.


2nd Third

Needed a couple touch ups; a beautiful transition towards black coffee, and cream with an added hint of candied fruit. Even with the subtle changes, the black coffee notes are dominating, and it is a struggle trying to find any of the other flavors. 

Final Third

The final third sees a more robust spice. The retrohale has taken on more of creamy texture with a nice floral and baking spice quality. This is still a very interesting cigar smoking experience; pairing this cigar with dark chocolate may help counteract the dryness.


The Burn

The burn was not too bad, the cigar did not overheat at anypoint, barring the three touch ups needed, it was a smooth flow. 



Juan Lopez Eminentes Edición Regional Suiza 2016 is an interesting cigar from Habanos after maturing for 5 years, the strength of the cigar increased and while I would say it was a great purchase and if I could I would pick up a couple more boxes.

Overall, this is the perfect post brunch cigar with a light espresso


  • Vitola: Double Corona/Eminentes
  • Length: 6.5”
  • Ring Gauge: 54
  • Country of Origin: Cuba
  • Wrapper: Habano 
  • Binder: Cuban
  • Filler: Cuban
  • Blender: Undisclosed
  • Price: 4950 INR
  • Release Date: November 2016
Juan Lopez Eminentes Edicion Regional Suiza 2016
  • Juan Lopez Eminentes Edicion Regional Suiza 2016
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