Luxury Ampersand Frolics Magazine


A benchmark by the co-founders of Luxury Ampersand Frolics Group in 2010, as a showcase and quarterly coffee-table magazine, allowing our customers an invite only insight into many of the worlds ultra luxury brands.

LAF Magazine ignites unique projects of true luxury brands. Bringing Stunning Imagery, exclusive ideas and words to match. Celebrating limited creations and superior craftsmanship.

Our Readers

Our readers are the very people who define Culture, Luxury, Tastes and Trends.

The Spirit of LAF Magazine

Often the soul is dismissed, ours is.

  • Wealthy in Culture
  • Wealthy in Craftsmanship
  • Wealthy in Care
  • Wealthy in Understand
  • Wealthy in Luxury
  • Wealthy in Frolics
  • Wealthy in Ampersand all in-between

Wealth isn’t just Money. Money can buy Luxury. The Rich can buy Luxury

Only the Wealthy can attain Luxury Ampersand Frolics.

The Publication division at Luxury Ampersand Frolics is headed by Subarna Ghosh, reporting into the Board Members & Founding Partners.