Luxury Ampersand Frolics Group

Our business model is built on strong values of ethics and integrity, Growth comes through sharing each companies expertise with others in the group, keeping in mind core objectives, catalysing creativity, excellence and growth.

Our Founders

We are nimble, young and siblings. Known to many as R.R.S.  Rather than including an edited paragraph, about us, which our marketing team will no doubt edit, why not give us a call or drop us an email and come over for a coffee.

LAFG Spirit

The Luxury Ampersand Frolics Group brings together 9 units, each with their unique portfolio of products and/or services, delivering exceptional results for clients and offer some of the most noteworthy creations from the rarest of brands, while remaining modest and approachable.

With an integrated business group each of our division work with creative and strategic freedom, maintaining a spirit of family and extending their skills to other groups.

Initially launched, in 2008 as the in-house, magazine for clients of RRSEI Group and its brands, Luxury Ampersand Frolics (Luxury&Frolics) merged with Only Luxury Consultancy, this year. And has taken over as the unified face of the group in 2019.

All brands and divisions are featured through this one website and all our social media content is now presented through our respective group page and the brands own page on the channels.