Excedo Luxuria exclusively represent a holistic portfolio of some of the rarest and niche luxury brands from around the world.

The Ultra Luxury Brand Distributor & By Appointment Luxury Specialist, Excedo Luxuria, has made a substantial impact in the luxury industry in a very short period of time.

Excedo Luxuria retails and distributes global luxury brands who only create a limited number of models crafted with the finest materials.

With a decade of experience, the luxury boutique retails haute luxury brands spanning luxury watches, made to order footwear, handbags, bespoke mens suits, fragrances and haute couture.

Now operating in 3 countries, Excedo Luxuria is known for its pedantic approach to luxury, client services and their selective array of niche Ultra Luxury Brands, handful of which are exclusively retailed by Excedo Luxuria worldwide.