Ayurvedic & Plant Based Cuisine for the Mind, Body & Soul.


We at Surya believe in enriching society!

By choosing fresh local produce from farmers around the nation, paying fair prices, cooking fresh foods and using over 95% of the vegetables (yes even the skins and roots) in our cooking. We are working towards our belief.

Based on principles of Ayurveda and “BoMiSo” methodology each plate of food not only makes you feel good, but gives you “clean efficient” fuel to your Mind Body and Soul, while you enrich the society around you.

Cruelty Free – Fair Trade- Gluten Free – Vegan  – High Vibrant -Sugar free – Pranic food – Global Plant Based Cuisine


In 2018, we opened our first Surya Concept initiative. A small 40 seater Cafe with the “Karma Menu” – you get served what you deserve.

Which basically meant, I made different dishes each day, you could choose from the daily menu on the board.

Awarded “Best Vegan Cafe 2019 – Algarve”

Through the restaurant we’ve met many clients, for whom we have catered for private dinners, organised pop-ups and now together with my co-founder we are venturing into India.

This year, 2019, marks a new milestone in our journey.


People Behind


“The World is our stage and Destiny often the script writer”

Isa Barao

Wild, Fun Loving and Vegan. (Ps. with a hot yoga body and a mind obsessed with Ayurveda…)

I always had this conscious awareness from the age of 6, I just felt there was something not right with all the food I ate. 7 years later, at the age of 14, I gave up meat, actually wanted to go Vegan but in Portugal, that going back over 2decades was a challenge! It’s so much easier today.

After a successful stint as a Fashion Editor, I decided I needed a calmer and less wild daily routine. I started practising Yoga, learning about Ayurveda and reading into many different cultures and religions.

2018, I launched our first Surya Concept destination.

Rahul Kapoor

Scorpion & Vegetarian

Life has always been about healthy relationships, working for a passion and enjoying good food.

Life, taught me early, time is really the only luxury and one’s health is their wealth. My family would say I’ve been cooking since I was in my nappies! Think since I can remember I’ve always wanted to host my own Food Concept. “Dream just got real”

I just enjoy good food, simple.

The Places/Where to Eat


New Delhi